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Hitman GO: Definitive Edition will hit Steam on February 23 – Screenshots and Trailer

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

Square Enix Montréal today announced the final edition of Hitman GO, which will be released on the PC via Steam on 23, February in $7.99. This new version of the acclaimed turn-based strategy game has been updated with improved graphics, new control schemes optimized for PC and consoles, as well as a list of achievements on Steam and Playstation.

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Screenshots and Launch Trailer

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition includes all original content along with all updates (Opera, St. Petersburg Airport and boxes) and all options to purchase items within the game have been removed.

Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game played with in detail in the form of mock scenarios. You have to move deftly around the grid to avoid enemies in order to achieve your goal to eliminate or infiltrate well-guarded locations, so you must thoroughly ponder every move. As expected, you will have a job the usual inventory of Hitman: disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even the iconic guns Silverballers.

With Hitman GO: Definitive Edition you’ll enjoy:

  • Challenging puzzles that will test your skills as a murderer
  • Stunning graphics in the form of scale models
  • Environments with secret passageways and restricted areas
  • The resources of the office of Agent 47: Distractions, disguises, hiding, sniper rifles and even the iconic guns Silverballers
  • Different enemy types with unique and deadly behaviors
  • Different ways to complete each level, either stealth or brutally

Hitman GO received the award for Best Game Design, Best iOS Canadian video Game Award of 2014  and was nominated for two BAFTAs prize category. Hitman GO was also chosen as an essential app for Apple IOS devices, having in turn been given the award for best 2014 app for iOS.