Within hours of its release on Steam, IO-Interactive and Square Enix brought the corresponding launch trailer of Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh, whose mission entitled ‘A Gilded Cage’, take Agent 47 to eliminate two goals, the banker Claus Strandberg private investment and army Gen. Reza Zaydan.

HITMAN – Episode 3: Marrakesh; Launch Trailer

In a city on the brink of total chaos, those are just before a coup where the visible military presence worsens the situation when tensions are at their peak. Bustling markets Berbers, the aisles filled with shops and stalls, the consulate of Sweden and terraces on the roof of houses are some of the places where players explore Marrakesh.

HITMAN Episode 3: Marrakesh will give players new challenges and opportunities in the game, that will keep them busy with new environments for Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets.

HITMAN began with The Prologue and Paris on March 11, and the next location, located in Italy and launched in April, now comes Morocco on 31 May. HITMAN has monthly updates, including additional locations: Thailand, United States and the end of the season in Japan in late 2016.

Episode 3: Marrakesh free as part of the Full Experience Pack. Those who had purchased the Intro Pack can upgrade the pack for $ 50USD, which will include all the contents of the year – or they can also buy it individually for $10 USD.

HITMAN is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. 


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