According to a recent job listing on the website, Hitman developer studio IO Interactive is currently working on an unannounced new IP with the Unreal Engine.

As per the published ad, the studio is looking for a programmer with an experience in AI, physics, animationgame mechanics for AAA games and should be having some field experience of current-gen consoles and PC projects. As per the IO Interactive, the programmer must have some”‘profound” skills in C++ and experience with Unreal Engine.

We are looking for a programmer to help the team drive the project forward. This is your chance to work with the best and to put your mark on what we hope is our next big success.

It appears that the studio is heading for delivering something newer than its previous famous projects such as Hitman series, Kane and Lynch and Freedom Fighters.

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Hitman was the most recent release from IO Interactive. The game was released in the form of episodes and the content keep coming. Recently, the studio decided to add HDR support, a new difficulty level and third bonus mission in the game.

Lets see where the studio is headed towards. Stay tuned for more updates!

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