The Hitman’s Closed Alpha is available these days so the game PC gamers tried to max out the game on their rig. As per upcoming reports, it has been noted that the game is facing many issues. No doubt, the players must know that they are experiencing the closed alpha and the players can face several issues at the moment.

Regardless of those issues, it was reported that many high profile graphics cards cannot maintain to get 60 fps running the closed alpha on ultra at 1080p, including the recently released Titan X. The gameplay was published by polaric90 on the YouTube, testing the game with an i5 and Titan X. It can be seen that the game runs fine and getting fps around 40. Can be watched below:

Whereas, another gameplay video was also published by DavideLolli97, testing the game with an i5 4690K and GTX 970. The fps was around 30 throughout the video. Can be watched below;

While another gameplay was published by Computatrum, maxing out the game with i7 4790k @ 4.0 GHz and a GTX 970. The GTX 970 paired with an i7 managed to get fps around 45, which is much more if paired with an i5 4690k and GTX 970. Can be watched below:

The closed alpha cannot reflect the final version of the game therefore concluding something at this time is not justified. The Hitman is third-person action and shooting game which will be released on 8th December for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Stay tuned for more!

Source: DSOGaming

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