What is more awesome than elephant rides in a game or planting a C4 on them while exploring the vast world of Far cry 4 which is set in the Himalayas. But this wasn’t the place the developer intended to keep. They through to set Far cry 4 in a different area rather than the Himalayas.

Himalaya wasn’t the original location for Far cry 4

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Vincent Ouellette The game’s senior level designer of Ubisoft recently told Eurogame that they never intended for Himalayas to become Far Cry 4 setting. He said they look up to the world map and before the Himalayas two more settings they through that could be good for Far Cry 4 is South America and Russia.

He said: ”It wasn’t like, Bam, right on the Himalayas. We were looking at South America, we looked at Russia – we looked pretty much everywhere, but pretty early on we realized the Himalayas would be great”.

Vincent then said they all started the management in the Paris headquarters with only three options at hand, which are of course Himalayas, South America and Russia. Vincent said that they know about marketing and have a good idea about them and they had interesting ideas about these locations.

Mark Thompson, who is the narrative director of Far Cry 4 he was also a member of the decision making team and already through about how will be the location of the game and the story of the game in different circumstances. So of course that means each location would have had its own story. The game is then ultimately set in the Himalayas, which is pretty good since it is an exotic area and is just the perfect place the Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 will follow the story of Ajay Ghale you will be able to explore his story on November 14 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox one.

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