Since Konami announced Metal Gear Survive, many believed that Hideo Kojima, creator of the series also had some involvement in the production of the game. However, during a presentation at the Tokyo Game Show on Death Stranding finally someone asked about his alleged involvement in the title.

Hideo Kojima Denies Involvement with Metal Gear Survive


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He replies:

“It has nothing to do [with me],” Kojima replied. “I know absolutely nothing about it. That’s because it’s totally unrelated to me, right? Um, how should I put this? Well, for me, Metal [Gear] is espionage with political fiction. Right? So, because of that, there’s no reason that zombies would show up. This is how I see it, you know?”

The designer Yoji Shinkawa, who always worked closely with Kojima in the series, took the opportunity to also deny their involvement. “If it was me, there’d naturally be a bipedal weapon in it.” said the artist.

Hideo Kojima left Konami late last year and he formed his own studio where they are working on PS4 exclusive title Death Stranding in collaboration with Sony. Metal Gear Survive will be launched in 2017 to Playsation 4, Xbox One and PC.