Death Stranding is the most recent game from the Hideo Kojima. Hideo Kojima has left Konami and formed his own game development studio, Kojima Productions and the first game is a joint effort with Sony. It was uncovered at E3 2016 with a teaser trailer.

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding Coming in 2018

Death Stranding

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With the beginning of the Tokyo Game Show 2016, Kojima broke his silence and spoke about some of the features of the future game.

First, Kojima has confirmed that game will be single player, but with cooperative elements. Regarding the story and characters present in the title, the game might feature a female protagonist, but he said that they are still working on the deal and so far no one is confirmed for the role.

Finally, Kojima announced that the game will be launched in 2018, at least for the moment that’s the goal. At the moment game is in a very early state of development.

It has also indicated that they are using game engine which is not available to anyone else. We remind you that, currently, Death Stranding is exclusive to PlayStation 4.