Fresh off a long beta, Heroes of the Storm will be receiving its first major expansion based on the Diablo universe. Eternal Conflict adds a new map –Battlefield of Eternity– and two new characters.

The new map is made up of a central arena and two side lanes. Both teams must fight to defend his Immortal, then that one is defeated, the winner Immortal lash out against enemy bases.

Heroes of the Storm will receive themed Diablo map and two new characters on June 30


The two new characters are Johanna, which presented with the official launch of HotS-, a fighter of the Crusader class of Diablo 3, and The Butcher, one of the monsters which appeared in the first installment, which also appears in the end of Act 1 of Diablo III. In the MOBA Assassin he gets to be kind, able to withstand much damage to the lives of its victims recover.

Diablo fans will recognize this giant attacks Butcher: Hamstring allows not only damage enemies, but slow them down at the same time; Ruthless Onslaught allows loading on the enemy at a distance; finally to nail the Brand on the opponent, the Butcher recover 75% of the damage.


The price of this new content has not yet been announced, but we know that will come out on June 30.

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