Nintendo declared a month ago that it was bringing back its irregular Nintendo World Championships gaming competition following a 25 year break. Candidates would contend worst case scenario Buy stores across the country with the territorial qualifiers progressing to the following round etc.

The finale occurred yesterday at E3 in which the field was contracted down from 15 competitors to only two: Cosmo Wright and John Numbers.

The pair contended in a series of specially designed Super Mario Bros. levels fabricated in the style of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World with expectations of building a period advantage in the last game.

In knowledge of the past, the 2015 Nintendo World Championships wound up being a monster commercial for Mario Maker (as of late rebranded as Super Mario Maker). That is okay, in any case, as it was enormously entertaining to watch the two finalists duke it out – to such an extent that I wouldn’t see any problems with seeing Nintendo make this a yearly event.