Seems like the things are not going well at Hello Games as the players count is constantly dropping and today, the Advertising Standards Authority has confirmed launching an investigation against the studio’s recently launched game, No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games Facing Investigation from Advertising Standards Due to False Advertising of No Man’s Sky

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is an independent UK based regulator who investigates the advertising and marketing activities based on complaints and according to the regulator’s representative, they received several applications of the false advertising of No Man’s Sky. The regulator ASA is capable of ending the advertisings if it found an ad misleading and may even impose sanctions on the advertisers, such as removal of paid content over the electronic media or internet.

No Man’s Sky was released during early August and turned out to be the biggest launch of the month of August but within the first few days of its launch, players reported many performance issues while most of them accused the developer Hello Games and director Sean Murray of spreading lies as according to them most of the features mentioned in trailers and screenshots were found missing in the original game. Most of the players requested for refunds from the purchasing mediums such as PlayStation Network, Steam, Amazon, and other retailers during the first two weeks and successfully managed to get a refund as well.

No Man’s Sky Steam page was also monitored by the ASA, including some screenshots and game footages. According to the reports, most of the complaints revolve around videos and screenshots that showcases advanced animal behavior, combat in the game and graphics presented versus actual graphics in the game.

The investigation is under process and may even prevent the developer Hello Games from advertisements for violating its code of conduct, which may result in deleting trailers and all the advertising stuff from every game store. Stay tuned for more updates!

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