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Hellblade: action game with a complex combat system


The heroine sizable sword wielding, climate steeped in terror and the world filled with creatures from hell. Few words from the latest action game Hellblade – studio Ninja Theory. The creators recently published 13-minute video titled “Everything You Need to Know,” from which we can learn that this production will offer extensive combat system and a large, dynamic world, ready for our exploration.


 Studio Ninja Theory has announced that one of the most important characteristics of the game  is Hellblade combat system will be expanded. Players will reportedly have to spend at least a few hours on fine-tuning the blows, as the mechanism will be based primarily on skills.

Tactical fight itself will in most cases the number of our enemies will be very limited. –“We draw inspiration from fighting one on one. We really like the idea of giving the player a full set of movements from the very beginning. Fighting games are very technical and we want to achieve something similar in Hellblade. Therefore, we decided to put the camera behind the shoulder of the heroine, “ – said Dominic Matthews, Product Development Ninja Ninja Theory.

“You will fight with one, two or three opponents. There will be hordes of up ten-fifteen enemies. A small number of opponents will make the fight will be really tactical “ – said Matthews.

Hellblade also offer sizable world that is dynamic and diverse. – “This is not a completely open world, but in Hellblade is much more exploration than it has been in our previous games,” – said Dominic Matthews. Recall, therefore, that the studio has won Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DMC: Devil May Cry.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known when Hellblade appear on the market. Target platforms are, however, consoles PS4 and personal computers.

Source: DSOGaming