Hearthstone, a free to play, strategy card game developed by blizzard is being played by 20 million players from all around the world.


Hearthstone is an online card game which was released by blizzard in March 2014 and in this short time it has gained more players than World of Warcraft which has been in the gaming industry since a decade.
Hearthstone is available on PC, Mac, iPad and Windows 8.

Hearthstone Has More Than 20 million Players From All Around The World

Yesterday it was said in a tweet by Hearthstone’s twitter account that We’re going to need a bigger tavern!
What does that mean?
Is blizzard not capable to take a load of 20 million players, Or they will put a limit on players? Well the game is running fine and no problems due to the load on the game from all around the world has been reported. Some updates and improvements in the game are expected during November’s annual Blizzcon event. Some of the improvements may include the addition of a large number of cards to deck.


Hearthstone is still not released on Android and it is expected some time in the end of 2014. Let’s see how many players of the game will increase with the launch on Hearthstone on Android.

The multiplayer of the game has reached another level and is being played in big events and championships in the world, Infact a tournament of Hearthstone is going on right now at DreamHack in Moscow. Winner will get $250,000