The Hawaii GPUs will allegedly make an arrival in the most anticipated AMD R9 300 Series. Including 8GB of memory as standard, Core and memory frequencies will also be increased. The name assigned for 300 series based Hawaii cards hasn’t been affirmed yet. Anyhow, Videocardz reports that there will be two Hawaii based cards in the upcoming 300series. One will highlight an upgraded variant of Hawaii Pro and the other will feature an improved rendition of Hawaii XT.

Two Hawaii GPUs will make a return in AMD R9 300 Series


Presently Hawaii XT is fused in the R9 290X and Hawaii Pro powers the R9 290. Both upgraded variants of the GPU will highlight expanded memory and GPU clock rates contrasted with their R9 290 series ancestors. Both new cycles of the upgraded Hawaii GPU will include memory paces of 1500Mhz, we can say a 250Mhz increment over the R9 290X and R9 290. The GPU clock speed for the new Hawaii XT is 1050Mhz, a 50Mhz change contrasted with the R9 290X. While the upgraded Hawaii Pro will highlight a GPU clock rate of 1010Mhz, a 63Mhz change over the R9 290.

The most fascinating bit of data is that Videocardz claims both 300 series Hawaii based GPUs will include 8GB of memory as standard. To be honest, I was not expecting this, particularly since a few bits of gossip which were circling around proposed the likelihood that Fiji would make a big appearance with 4GB of memory rather than 8GB. However, in the event that Hawaii based GPUs will include 8GB of memory as standard, then it makes sense that their higher-end, greater sibling Fiji would highlight at any rate the same measure of memory and not less.

GPU Card 200 Series Counterpart GCN Iteration Mem. GPU/Memory Frequency Memory Bandwidth
FIJI AMD Radeon R9 ? 1.2 8GB 1050/1000 MHz* 640 GB/s
FIJI AMD Radeon R9 ? 1.2 8GB 1000/1000 MHz 640 GB/s
HAWAII AMD Radeon R9 390X?
Radeon R9 290X 1.1 8GB 1050/1500 MHz 384 GB/s
HAWAII AMD Radeon R9 390?
Radeon R9 290 1.1 8GB 1010/1500 MHz 384 GB/s
TONGA AMD Radeon R9 380 Radeon R9 285 1.2 4GB/2GB 970/1425 MHz 182 GB/s

Well, it has been already confirmed that the Fiji GPU with stacked HBM VRAM will dispatch on the 24th of June. While other 300 series cards will make a big appearance pretty nearly a week former.

AMD guaranteed that gamers will have the capacity to look over “multiple” Fiji powered boards with diverse structure variables and cooling.

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Source: Wccftech, Videocardz