Form many years we have seen many games with each telling their own stories. Most of the games are about revenge, love, justice, soldier or a Secret spy. But, we didn’t get a game where our job is to kill many peoples without any reason, but hatred (Well, we do can kill people without any reason in Open-world games like Grand theft auto but that’s different, also not every open-world game give us the opportunity to kill people without any reason, take Assassin’s Creed for example). Polish developers are facing lots of criticism, but they are on their way to implements its plans.

Hatred is still controversial, but the game is moving according to the Plans

Hatred – New Isometric Shooter Announced, First Screenshots and Gameplay Trailert

It is worth recalling that the title was even removed from Steam, but Gabe Newell intervention decision was withdrawn and eventually Hatred outclassed the competition in the vote, making hits on Steam.

Although you still have to wait a little longer for its release, but pre-orders have been started. Players can opt for the game itself, and in this case, to spend 16.66 euros. The manufacturer, however, also prepared a set of T-shirt, but you have to spend about 36.66 euros. Notably, it is available in quantities of only 1485 pieces.

The developer also explained the origin of hatred,

“In times where a lot of games are heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct and trying to be some kind of higher art, rather than just an entertainment, [we] wanted to create something against trends. Something different, something that could give the player a pure gaming pleasure. This is how the idea of Hatred – the team’s first game, was born.”

“Here comes our game, which takes no prisoners and makes no excuses,” it added on its official site. “We say ‘yes, it is a game about killing people’ and the only reason of the antagonist doing that sick stuff is his deep-rooted hatred. Player has to ask himself what can push any human being to mass-murder. We provoke this question using new Unreal Engine 4, pushing its physics (or rather PhysX) systems to the limits and trying to make the visuals as good as possible.”

So what do you guys think about this game?

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