The most awaited moment we can say, The Intel Haswell Refresh SKU price list has finally been released online. For now all the SKUs are Non-K versions, the “K” series will come later this year for the hardcore Overclockers.

The list, including 10 Models for Pre-Order, including two Celeron, Pentium two, six low-power version of the T Series Core.

Haswell Refresh SKU Lineup and Price List
Haswell Refresh SKU Lineup and Price List


  • Most of the processors will get a clock upgrade of 100MHz, the motherboards H97/Z97 will ship in April 2014.
  • The “K’ Series Processors will come in the 3rd quarter of this year.
  • Celeron G1840 and G1830 are now completely different frequency Editor’s Note children still do not know.
  •  Most of the increase accelerated frequency is 100MHz, only three increases 200MHz (i5-4690T, i7-4765T, i7-4770T), The remaining specifications completely unchanged.
  • The Intel i5 and i3 lineup of Ivy Bridge will be discontinued, complete during the quarter of this year. 
  • New Chipset X99 ”Wellsburg” will join the market in Q3.
  • Total 26 models of SKUs, including four i7, nine i5, five i3, Pentium five, three Celeron, basically existing models have been updated.
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