The very awaited and anticipated, Haswell refresh chips which were to be launched along with Intel’s 5th generation 14nm Broadwell Core CPUs and 9 series Intel chipsets. Suddenly Intel concluded that their 5th gen 14nm chips would be delayed to the latter half of this year and 9 series would debut with Haswell refresh alone. Now we got rumors considering delayed launch of Haswell refresh chips as well.


Intel Z97 chipset
Intel Z97 chipset

It seems like Intel wants to keep their customers waiting, therefore after the official declaration of the delayed of 5th gen release, even the next big thing in Intel has planned to launch this year was delayed as well.

The Rumor

Akihabara market, Japan
Akihabara market, Japan

Japanese media reports point out that Haswell Refresh CPUs and Intel’s 9 series motherboard chipsets are to be delayed till May and the official sales is to be started at 00:00 hours on 11th May in the Akihabara market. Akihabara market witnesses many launches and is among the first markets to dawn the latest tech on sale.

The Concern

Haswell refresh, as we concluded in our previous reports , consists of 20 new CPUs with just 100 MHz higher clocks than the previous CPU in that price bracket. This may prove to be a performance boost but 100MHz doesn’t really make a difference and few may find it futile and just gimmicky. What the people along with techies are really concerned in is the 9 series chipsets and especially Z97 chipset since it would boast the Intel’s NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor) interfaced name M.2 slot for SSDs. The updated K series are expected to be shipped with a slightly advanced heat-sink material, but since OC freaks would never rely on the stock cooler and that the K SKUs would launch in Q3 this year leaves least to be bothered. The first Haswell Refresh variants to be launched all consist of Non K locked multiplier variants and budget oriented i5s and i3s along with a top end i7 but all with locked multipliers.

The Conclusion

Few may find Haswell Refresh interesting and the delay would’ve been a bad news for them, but honestly, we didn’t find Haswell refresh appealing and VFM at all just because the performance boost is negligible and the wait is not worth it at all. Though the Broadwell cores may have some tricks up their sleeves and might show us the real usage of the 9 series chipsets. What’s your opinion on Haswell refresh? Worth it or not? Feed it back.

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