From the Intel side Haswell series processors have ruled the entire year, but Intel in the mobile market has begun shipping 14nm process Broadwell processor, Core M series has become the focus of the next generation thin and light notebooks. Intel is now going to retire its Haswell mobile processors in order to make the space for new bad boys, the list of processors which would be in the list of retirement process, including the Core i7-4700HQ / MQ, Core i7-4800HQ / MQ, Core i7-4900HQ / MQ and from Extreme Edition Core i7-4930MX series.

 Haswell Mobile Processors are going to retire Core i7-4700 / 4800 / 4900HQ say bye

Intel Haswell processors

Intel Haswell Core i7 mobile version processors was released in Q2 quarter of last year, High end series MQ and HQ is the real candy, although the specifications of both are almost same, the main difference is the package, MQ Series is FCPGA946 package, HQ series is FCBGA1364 package.

Some laptop manufacturers are still making high end Gaming laptops with Intel Core i7 HQ and MQ series. The processors which are still used by many manufacturers in their laptops includes Core i7-4700HQ / 4700MQ / 4702HQ / 4702MQ / 4750MQ / 4800HQ / 4850HQ / 4900HQ / 4900MQ / 4950HQ / 4960 HQ and Extreme Edition Core i7-4930MX 11 models, so the entire decommissioning process should last a year. The process will be started from the November 19 of this year.

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