For the entire Haswell-E platform, we already know Processor Lineup and X99 motherboard information, there may be the least interesting place for Haswell-E heatsink. Intel Corporation will begin the shipping of Orignal Radiator from August 29 equipped with a new design and better base material. The entire LGA 2011 platform, including Haswell-E Core i7-5000 Series and the previous Core i7-4000 Series will use this new heatsink. Compared to the current original heatsink, new Heatsink volume increases, more a Heat pipe, copper base area is increased, improving the thermal performance.

Haswell-E Heatsink upgrade: large, more Copper base

intel lga2011-3 cooler


According to Intel’s official introduction, radiator tutorials RTS2011AC current LGA2011 platform, and from Haswell-E to start using the new TS13A original heatsink thickness is increased from the current 63 mm to 75 mm, which helps increase the cooling area, improve performance, after all, Haswell-E processor TDP maximum 140W.


intel lga2011-3 cooler
TS13A Heatsink Top View
intel lga2011-3 cooler
TS13A Bottom Top View


In addition to increasing the thickness of the outside, TS13A copper base heat sink area also increased a lot, and now should be able to completely cover the entire top of the Processor, also TS13A has more heat pipe as compared to RTS211AC and also conducive to enhancing the heat transfer efficiency.

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