The end of the ban will be the third generation of Intel LGA2011 platform Haswell -E processor and X99 motherboard, there are some Online shopping sites who accept reservations before (Pre-Order), and now Europe is also scheduled to start, but the price is a little high, Eight-core flagship Core i7-5960X Pre-Order price is up to 1285 euros, equivalent to $1700 US Dollar.

Haswell-E flagship Core i7-5960X Pre-Order and packaging

Core i7-5960X

Sweden Prisjakt website starts Pre-Order for 11,775 kronor, equivalent to € 1,285 or $ 1,715, while the price of Core i7-4960X  is about $1470. Even if the Sweden is listed in the high-income and high-tax countries, but Pre-Order Price of  Core i7-5960X is too high if we compared it with the normal $ 999 (excluding tax).

As a contrast, Germany’s Core i7-4960X processor priced at around 890 euros.

In addition, Computerbase site also gives a few Haswell-E processors, physical map and packing Pictures, the processor or ES version of Core i7-5960X is equipped with the frequency of 3.0GHz, 8-core design , Costa factory package.

Core i7-5960X  Sample

Core i7-5960X  packaging

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