Polish game some time ago came out of the shadows, as well as team forming them. Most importantly, a group of developers from the Vistula is steadily expanding. In 2011, the first time we heard from the Flying Wild Hog side was really good and it seems that they are now working on a new big project as they recently mentioned that they need more hands and all should be well-aware of doing work on Unreal Engine 3/4.

If the name of the team you do not say it behooves to recall that in that 2011 years, they released quite well accepted Hard Reset and then, among other things remake of Shadow Warrior. The last project was Juju, but it does not end here.

They are already preparing for a new and it’s quite a big project. The Flying Wild Hog is looking for extra hands to work, which will help create “fantasy FPS games on the new PC / PS4 / Xbox One”.

We are looking for programmers, graphic designers, and creators of concepts. The requirements for almost every position, there is mention about the experience of working with the Unreal Engine 3 or Unreal Engine 4 and so may indicate that the creator of what technology they want to use.

As soon as we get more information about the new project will inform you about them.

Source: Flying Wild Hog, levelsave

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