Now, finally, here is great news for all the gamers. Now you can have more impressive experience of gaming than before. Imagine you are feeling the shots when you are playing games like counter strike etc. Yes! Now this is possible because pakistan-based robotics startup Haptika is changing the way individuals cooperate with their surroundings and they have quite recently felt free to propel a scope of wearable devices using augmented reality that will give reenactments to a new gaming domain.

Haptika launches Gaming Impact Vest, Feel the Game’s Explosions in Your Body

The basic idea of the gaming impact vest is to take rumbling controllers to the next level; rather than just shake your hands, why not shake your whole body? And while you’re at it, why not keep things immersive by shaking the part of your body that corresponds to where you’re in-game character is feeling it?

Established by two siblings, Muhammad Nabeel and Muhammad Huzaifa, Haptika comprises of a group of  students who are energetic and amped up for development in robotics and are chipping away at Haptika as a component of their building Final year project. Brooded at The Nest i/o, [email protected]’s Tech Incubator, Haptika conveys connection past creative ability in virtual reality and gaming and empowers individuals to touch and experience the temperature of a virtual environment. They are giving wearable haptic jackets with temperature sensation and even movement catching capacity for a very immersive experience.

My vision was not just to set up the first robotics startup in Pakistan, but to set an example for younger engineers. So instead of hiring experienced people, I decided to recruit a group of highly motivated and enthusiastic students who could work on this idea as their FYP (Final Year Project) and later become the co-founders of Haptika. Normally FYPs in Pakistani universities are not based on state-of-the-art technology and students think that it is not something they can do, but with the launch of Haptika, I would like to convey a message to all students in Pakistan that they can work on anything they want as long as they have the vision and the drive!” – CTO Muhammad Nabeel

The wearable Haptic vest is now on sale for just 8000Pkr ($78), you can find them here.