Yesterday, during the Microsoft conference at E3 2016, Xbox One S was revealed, confirming several rumors about the compact version of Xbox One.

It is 40% smaller than its predecessor and also the smallest Xbox console so far. For now, the only color option is what the company calls “white-robot” and it offers three options: 500GB for $ 299; 1TB for $ 349; or 2 TB for $ 399.


Prices in our country have not been disclosed, but at least we can learn from this Hands On Video of The Verge, which compares the Xbox One S with the original Xbox One.

Xbox One S comes with a hard drive up  to 2TB of capacity, Bluetooth connectivity, the power supply is incorporated into the chassis, the controller features a new texture to improve grip. This reduction in size is due to new APU from AMD camp, which is manufactured on a smaller lithography, so it consumes less power, generates less heat and that allows Microsoft to reduce the cooling system to be used to maintain temperatures within the optimal levels. The new console also features a built-in IR blaster, front-facing USB port (there are still two on the rear) and does 4K video.


The Controller has also been improved. Now it has a texture in the back and also includes Bluetooth, which increases the distance wireless use and allows the communication with the PC without an adapter.


In addition, the Xbox One S also includes support 4K Ultra HD video and HDR function for video and games.

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