Halo Wars 2, a new entry to the famous franchise will be receiving its next big update in the coming week which is set to address the most common reported issues.

According to the blog update of Halo, the patch will be coming next week, introducing a variety of performance, gameplay issues, crashes and other tweaks as well. According to the developers, the upcoming patch won’t include balance changes since the studio is analyzing players feedback and will address the changes in the future update accordingly.

Check out the some of the patch notes of Halo Wars 3 below;


Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the loading screen

Fixed an issue that caused some PC players to see a black screen on startup

Several “desync” fixes, one of which covered most of the tracked occurrences

Fixed a variety of PC crashes that were hardware-dependent

Fixed a Network Error on opening Blitz Packs

Fixed some AI issues in Skirmish that could cause performance hits

Fixed some performance hitches in Cooperative Campaign

Made performance improvements on various hardware

Overall multiplayer performance improvements

Fixed some crashes that could occur when loading a saved game

Fixed an issue that would cause a Campaign mission to get stuck after loading a save

Fixed a bug with joining a party and getting a network error

Added a driver check on PC to alert users to the presence of old drivers

Fixed an issue that caused players to disconnect from multiplayer games at the beginning of the match

While the complete list of fixes introduced by the patch can be checked from here. The 343 Industries is yet to provide a specific release date of the update, but the studio has announced that the update will go live for Xbox One first, and then for the PC version as its “a much more complicated platform” according to the developer.

According to the reports, 343 Industries is also working on an update for Halo 5 related to the motion sensor that will also go live sometime next week.

Halo Wars 2 is now available for PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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