A few days ago, we have learned that Microsoft is preparing a free to play online version of Halo, simply titled Halo Online, and so far only available in Russia. Current build is in alpha phase and going around the internet, some users have been able to prove it.


It is the remake of several maps of the entire Halo series, running in the Halo 3 engine, and will be free, but obviously, in order to enjoy the full experience there are also some micro-transactions.

The user iFirez on the NeoGAF forums, shared a collection captures 4K Screenshots so we can appreciate the level of work in this new installment of the hit series. Hopefully it’s worth the effort and someday reach the western coasts, even the only effort that has put Microsoft to bring the franchise to our beloved platform.

There is very little data accessible from the PC version, yet is said to be the highlight of 4-16 players in multiplayer matches. The game will be utilizing the Halo 3 engine, and is likely proposed as an allowed to-play PVP Halo version. Presently word whether a story mode will be accessible. Team Slayer and Assassination modes were affirmed. 343 Industries themselves displayed the diversion, which is produced by Saber Interactive. Microsoft will be co-circulating the Game in Russia.

Halo Online is set on a secret UNSC space installation called Anvil, where Spartan-IV soldiers train together in war exercises to sharpen their battle skills and test experimental technology.”

“Halo Online was built from the ground up specifically for the PC,” 343 said. “There are no plans to bring Halo Online to the Xbox One.” Further, anyone trying to access the game outside of Russia could “theoretically” do so, but they “would have to go through region-specific changes to address player expectations.”






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