Halo: The Master Chief Collection requires so much disk space that the title does not fit on a Blu-ray. So, to dealing with this issue they offer players to download a 20Gb day one Content update.

Halo: Master Chief Collection: Too Big For Blu-Ray


Halo: The Master Chief Collection takes its place in the most memory hungry games. GTA 5 for the current console generation to require 50 GB on the hard drive. Final Fantasy 13 requires even 60 GB free space. As lead developer of the studio 343 Industries Dan Ayoub said that “There’s just too much content to write everything on a Blu-ray”.

The Xbox One-exclusive titles, but sold without a second installation disc.Instead, Halo players have to download a patch about 20 GB on the first day of sales. In addition, the publication also announced that the game will now launch globally in the majority of territories on November 11, rather than being a few days later in Europe. A few countries will have to wait: Belgium gets the game November 12, France November 14 and Japan November 13.

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