From the Japanese Xbox Store, new details about the multiplayer mode of Halo: Infinite arrive , and it is quite surprising to know that the multiplayer of the game will include a free Battle Royale mode. If we add to this that the game will be updated over time to the point of possibly never seeing a Halo: Infinite 2, this is a good way to make money, since the Battle Royale are linked to microtransactions.

The Japanese Xbox store lists Halo Infinite as “Genre: Battle Royal Shooting”. from XboxSeriesX

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The most curious thing of all is that, 2 years ago, the 343 Industries chief writer for Halo, Jeff Easterling, indicated that the game would not include a Battle Royale mode, since they were not interested in bringing this genre to Halo. But now it seems that the studio has focused on doing everything a classic Halo fan did not want, also there are number of Battle Royale titles already available, not to mention that it is a genre that really does not like by all lovers of shooter games.

“Jeff Easterling and James Bachici, at 343 Industries, were asked if there would be a Battle Royale mode in Halo: Infinite, and Easterling replied,” I’ll tell you right now, the only Battle Royale that really interests us is Battle Rifle (referring to the Halo rifle). “via IGN.



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