Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer during his E3 press conference has confirmed the release of Halo 6 on Windows 10 PCs.

According to Spencer, the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians will not be released for Windows 10 PCs but the next addition in the franchise, Halo 6 will certainly be released for Windows 10. Phil Spencer cleared that all the new first party games will certainly be released for Windows 10.

Microsoft is now working on cross-buy and cross-play support on Microsoft exclusive titles, giving opportunity to the gamers to purchase a single digital copy on either, which will work on both as well as the Xbox One gamers can play against the Windows 10 gamers via cross-play support.

In his statement with the PC Gamer, he said;

“The reason somebody wants to go buy an Xbox—or I’ll just say a game console, yes I’d love if they bought an Xbox—is they want to sit 10 feet from their television screen with a controller in their lap looking at a television playing a videogame. 

It’s a different experience from playing on PC. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, it’s just different. Halo 5 absolutely could be played on a PC. There’s nothing about that gameplay mechanic that doesn’t work.”

The company is releasing Halo 2 for PCs and the next installment, Halo 6 and ownwards will be releasing for Windows 10 and Xbox One to boost the feature of cross-buy and cross-play support. Halo 6 is set for release sometime in 2018.

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