Anti-cipated addition to the famous action franchise Halo, Halo 5: Guardians is now available for pre-order. It is also being said that the pre-download is also available so that will help gamers to play the game on its release date.

Halo 5: Guardians is scheduled for release on October 27, 2015. There are two versions of the game, one is the Standard Edition while another is the Digital Deluxe Edition. The game can be pre-ordered from Xbox store. The Standard Version costs around $59 and Digital Deluxe costs around $89.

Few reports also confirm that Halo The Fall of Reach Animated Series will also be included in the Digital Deluxe and Limited Edition. The Limited Edition includes these:

  • A copy of the full game
  • Warzone REQ Bundle – 14 Premium Requisition packs to enhance Spartan combat.
  • Halo: The Fall of Reach – Animated Series
  • Guardian model by Metal Earth®
  • Uniquely-designed Spartan themed SteelBook®
  • Spartan Locke’s Classified Orders
  • Dossiers on Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris
  • Xbox Live Gold 14-day Trial – perfect for playing with friends
  • Cost: around $149.99 NZD

The multiplayer feature requires Xbox Live Gold membership. The game will be playable on 1080p resolution, which is indeed a good news for Xbox One owners.

It is incredibly important that Halo 5 runs at 1080p. Not just for Halo, but for the XO in general. I would happily take a few texture or particle effect reductions if the game maintained a 1080p and solid 60FPS. I know resolution isn’t that important, however, it is mud to be slung at both halo and the Xbox One if it isn’t at this resolution,” – HugeKill

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: NZGamer

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