The whole community of PC gamers is awaiting for the release of  Half-Life 3, and no official news is from Valve, we all can cling to any rumor or leak that appears so often. And today the Half-Life 3 news is again the air as the game appears in the database of Steam.


Valve has created a page of Half-Life 3, which includes sections for developers, beta testers and, of course, the game itself. The database of Steam has been a reliable source of leaks in the past, although Valve has not officially revealed nothing. This information surfaced thanks to the new Steam feature that eliminates unwanted your library of Steam games. Previously in such database leaked we also find Dark Souls III, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy X  &  X-2 HD Remaster for PC.

Previously, SteamDB site, also announced the existence hl3.txt, rpg.txt and  ai_basenpc.txt files in updating of the acclaimed MOBA Dota 2. The files, which can be downloaded from here:  hl3.txtrpg.txtai_basenpc.txt – also make mention things like VR, ziplines and procedural generation. None of the files include the words ” half “or” life “.


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