Hacker group OsirisX have already executed the Linux operating system on the Playstation 4 due to its x86 hardware. Once they successfully implement it, then we could not think of another idea than downloading the Steam client for that platform and test what would happen if you run PC games on it.

Hacker Jailbreak PlayStation 4 To Run Steam Games

As we can see in the video posted on YouTube, he got the console to start the game Bastion, which runs with great fluidity thanks to the hardware which is good enough to run it. Although he has not showcased it, but he said that he could run all the games that was available and as expected, for most graphics demanding games he had to choose medium or low graphic options to run them without lag.

Unfortunately, installing Linux is still quite complicated, so players are still waiting for this hack to reach at best mature stage or in a simplified way to provide access to most users. The Playstation 4 in the demonstration was running version 1.76 of its firmware. Nevertheless, it indicates that you need Jailbreak the Playstation 4, install the distribution Arch Linux and gather some of the fail0verflow libraries for both 32 and 64 bits to make your PlayStation 4 run PC games.

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