SOF Studios has launched H-Hour: World’s Elite, a tactical military shooter based on joint work via Steam Early Access. The game, already having gone through the period of private testing, comes to the platform as a Pre-alpha.

H-Hour: World’s Elite has already achieved more than 10,000 followers on its official forums, who have helped bring the game to Early Access. Meanwhile, those new players are invited to join and help shape the future of gaming with your comments, reviews and ideas.

“H-Hour: World’s Elite is basically a project led by the community. Our fans, some of the Delta Force and  SOCOM, constantly involved in its development providing incredible and unique ideas. Steam finally allowed us to interact more with those users who want to share their experiences and impressions, “said Tom Flanagan , president and co-owner of SOF Studios.

The Early Access version of H-Hour: World’s Elite includes the main part of the multiplayer experience, including eight versus eight games, several maps, two game modes, weapon selection and multiple characters.

The game is currently in pre-alpha, so players seeking a full-featured game with no mistakes, be warned. However, those who enjoy participating in the formation of these, you will find a thriving and friendly community where your contributions charged really important in the development of H-Hour.