Crazy Monkey Studios has announced its new side-scroller action inspired by the arcades of the ’90s. Now available on Steam for just $9.99. Guns, Gore & Cannoli both three are from the village of Thugtown in the 1920s, at the height of Prohibition.

Get ready for a game completely overwhelming, fast-paced and full of action platforms that will not give you even a rest. Take the splendor of the gangsters in the Roaring Twenties. Dive into an exciting and elaborate clandestine underworld history. Experience in your own flesh the friendship, betrayal, revenge, and witness firsthand the rise and fall of a criminal genius.
This is a survival horror with a more elegant … Capisci?

The game tells the story of Vinnie Cannoli and his crime family, set in the fictional Thugtown around 1925, at the height of Prohibition. Behind the invasion of the city of zombies there is a dark tale of conspiracy and treason. Discover the secretive methods of the mafia and the government conspiracy while trying to find your lost friend and give answers about the zombie outbreak.


  • Gameplay action packed
    game ready for a totally overwhelming, fast-paced and full of action platforms that will not give you a break or where you have to fight, shoot, and explode your way through a deep fascinating history. Besides care of the undead also you have to fight with rival gangsters and the military is trying to cover up the affair.
  • Beautiful graphics and animations in 2D hand drawn
    Dive into the eerie and somber world built by 2D graphics in HD handmade. Experience smooth, cinematic animations and film.
  • A world and a wraparound period
    Although Prohibition and Depression imminent, people are willing to drink up (no) die. Every centimeter of the game is like a photograph of the era of Prohibition: cars, furniture, speakeasies, music and arsenal reflect the turbulent days of the Roaring Twenties.
  • Local co-op
    play with up to 4 friends and you can unravel the mystery together.
  • Crazy Monkey Studios & Claeysbrothers
    We are a passionate team of 4 heads with the mission to create amazing games!




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