Before we go any further, let me tell you guys something about what is Guild Wars.

Before Guild wars 2 the first Guild Wars was released in April 26,2005 and it is set in the world of tyra where elder dragons are waked and you the one and only can stop them form causing chaos.In the game you can switch between From a third person perspective to first person perspective and interact around the world.So let’s move to Character creation you can create your very own character in this game from making your character’s hair to setting their skin tone than their height.You can max up to level 20 and have 170 attribute points but then you can also do some quests and have more 30 attribute points.The player can go on into Player vs Enviroment or Player vs Player and fight live against other players.

Guild Wars 2 will have a free trial version for a few days

Guild Wars 2


Then to move to professions you can choose whether to take the warrior profession or elementalists profession. In warrior your focus will be on your armor and have access to the strength attribute and can wear heaviest armor and endure more and use more kind of weapons. Elementalist profession is to use magic skills (by the name of it you would have already known it), but you will be wearing less armor and using more magic.Then there you can also use secondary profession and use both Warrior/Elementalist, but still your focus will be on primary profession.Other profession includes Warrior, Monk, Elementalist, Ranger, Necromancer.Mesmer and The Assassin and Ritualist professions are exclusive to Guild Wars: Factions expansion and the Paragon and Dervish professions are exclusive to Guild Wars: Nightfal expansion.

Moving into the environment, there are towns and outposts where you can find Non playable characters(NPC) there whom you can interact with them and buy some stuffs and get some quests too. You can form a group with other characters and go on a cooperative mission. And the combat I can’t say much about it, but the combat system is pretty good and you will know it when you play.

Guild Wars 2

Moving back to the main topic, since you now know the game is a must play for RPG lovers you must be excited to hear that Guild wars 2 will be free from September 25th to October 1. Since it is a free trial only for a few days you can’t access all things in Guild wars 2 in free trial version you will have restricted access to map chat, trading post sales, gems.Guild wars released on August 28, 2012.

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