After Killzone Shadow Fall 2013 Guerrilla Games development team was divided into two teams to develop more games. But in a recent interview with Game Informer  Mathijs de Jonge, director of Horizon: Zero Dawn revealed that one of the studio team was working on a game that was never announced. In 2014 all the team at Guerrilla Games focused on the development of Horizon.

Guerrilla Games Cancelled Work On A Second Project To Focus On Horizon: Zero Dawn

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The two games were chosen from more than 30 ideas suggested by several studio workers. But after feedback from many developers it was decided that Horizon was the game to be focused.

We started out with a smaller team to look into exploring what those concepts would mean if we were to develop them “said de Jonge.

“At some point we took two forward, worked on those prototypes for like, half a year or so. And we did some testing with some external people from Sony that are not in our office, and internally as well, and it was kind of 50/50 at some points.”

He continued: “We actually put all the feedback that we got into an Excel sheet. And we had these two graphs: What excites you most and what do you think is the most risky one? The project that [stood] out on both charts was Horizon.”

“It was certainly not the least risky, but definitely the one where everybody that saw the original pitch, they said, well, we gotta make this,” added managing director Hermen Hulst. “This is maybe incredibly risky but it’s something that is so radically different and so inspiring that it actually took me very little time to convince the team to jump behind it. We wanted to make [Horizon] straight away.”

Although Guerrilla not reveal what was this second project, there are great chances that it would be a new title in the Killzone series, a saga in which the producer is involved since 2004. The last game was published with the release of PlayStation 4 in November 2013.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be released in March 2017 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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