The Nvidia’s Maxwell first card is going to release tomorrow, the first product in the family is Gtx 750Ti and Gtx 750, additionally the top notch beast Single Core Graphic Card Gtx Titan black is also on the way.  The Gtx Titan Black Edition will be released in Next Week. The Gtx Titan Black Edition is the Fastest Single Core Card from Nvidia side also with a high profile in the former.

The Core architecture of Gtx Titan Black, Gtx Titan and Gtx 780 Ti is same all are using Gk110, but the number is new Gk110-430. It will be as open and filled all 780 Ti 2880 stream processors, 240 texture units, 48 ROP units, memory bandwidth is also a complete 384-bit, the Gtx Titan Black has 6GB GDDR5 memory. The Card Specification is looking same as Gtx 780Ti but with double Vrm additionally, The TITAN BLACK PCB is almost exactly the same as GTX 780 Ti

GTX Titan Black
GTX Titan Black

Core frequency is set at 890-980MHz, is among the three highest memory frequency is 7008MHz.

Under such a high standard, thermal design power will remain at 250W, auxiliary power supply is still 6 +8 pin.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780Ti NVIDIA GeForce GTX 790
Base Clock 836MHz 875MHz 890MHz
Cores 2688 Cores 2880 Cores 2880 Cores
Memory Bus 384-bit 384-bit 320-bit
TDP 250W 250W 250W
Memory Clock 6008MHz 7008 7008
Launching Date February 2013 November 2013  February 2014
GTX Titan Black Specification: The ultimate understated big kill
Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Black

Public version of the card is almost exactly the same shape, only slightly darker color some, but far from the level of “Black” is. The Price of Gtx Titan Black is $999, the price seems High if we see that the Maxwell Architecture cards are also on the way, Maxwell Will equipped with more advance visual processing feathers, Also the latest graphic architecture is based on 20nm manufacturing process. So no one will easily throw money at the Outdated GK110 GPU using High-end Graphic core, As the specification is also almost same to Gtx 780 Ti and the Price of Gtx 780ti is $600.

Performance, NVIDIA just says Gtx Titan Black Edition is up to 15% faster than Gtx titan, while with the lower noise.