Nvidia will release its new Maxwell Second Generation Architecture in few day’s and also Gtx 980 and Gtx 970 both are equipped with this architecture. News about both bad boys are in the air from last month, some of the specifications we already know — 4Gb / 256Bit for reference versions and the latter Custom Cooler version will be equipped with 8Gb Memory. But the Maxwell second generation, which is the full Maxwell architecture still a mystery to us.

Some foregin media giants are taking part in this heat of exposures and recently Geizhals appeared with the detailed specifications of Gtx 980. The card would be equipped with 2560 CUDA cores, 160 TMU texture units, 64 ROP units and for power dual 6pin power connector is doing the job.

GTX 980 Specifications Exposed : 2560 CUDA cores, 64 ROP, dual 6pin power supply

Gtx 980 Specifications

Geizhals appeared with the 4Gb version of GTX 980, although there is no information regarding the price, but they exposed the GTX 980 graphics card detailed specifications, in addition to prior exposure over 256bit and 4GB of memory, but also there are 2560 CUDA cores (Maxwell architecture SMM in each unit has 128 CUDA cores, the figure should be 20 units of group SMM), 160 TMU texture units, 64 ROP units.

CUDA cores and TMUs are less than GK110 Cores but ROP units increased from the current 32/48 to 64.

In addition, GTX 980 graphics card also supports PCI-E 3.0 x16 interface, support SM5.0, dual-slot design, power supply design is a dual 6pin, than the GTX Titan ,GTX 780 Ti, GTX 770’s 6 + 8pin to be low, with the GTX 680 actually the same, which means GTX 980’s power consumption will be a bright spot.

Of course, the above information is not 100 percent correct, So take this news with the pinch of salt. Leaked GTX 980 core codenamed GM104, but accepted argument is GM204, these parameters are for reference only.

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