Last week Nvidia has launched new flagships from Second Generation of Maxwell Architecture  include GTX 980 and GTX 970, GM204 Core is fused on both cards. Aside from Nvidia, AMD is also in movement, previously we have seen a short exposure of R9 390X radiator, it seems like AMD is also pulling their socks to be in the competition. The last exposure may be the eye-opener, but the actual situation is not so optimistic. Due to significant independence, shipments have been declining to markets. AMD new flagship R9 390X have to wait until the first half of next year to come. It seems NVIDIA’s GTX 980 has six months to be on top.

GTX 980 should dominate Market for Half year, AMD Radeon R9 390X Arrives In Q1 2015

AMD R9 390X

The R9 390X is rumored to be based on the Fiji GPU core and is set to be a truly next generation product.
Built on TSMC’s 20m manufacturing process the new GPU will feature several new cutting edge technologies. In addition to being the first GPU to be built on the 20nm process the card is also rumored to be the first to utilize High Bandwidth Memory or HBM for short.

Many people think there will be a new flagship debut later this month, not long ago we saw a Radiator of R9 390X and even earlier. There are rumors that AMD is developing a large core area of up to 500mm2, but for AMD and Nvidia also this task seems very hard. Also the market volume alone was not satisfactory, JPR Q2 2014 quarterly statistics show the figures that, only 11.5 million Cards are Sold from both sides, a decrease of 17.6% over last year, the two companies compete in this market alone significantly (many users still using low-end graphics cards) is also a sad case.

Digitimes reported that notebook manufacturers began to introduce a low-cost notebook of about 199-399 dollars to attract consumers in this trend, AMD and NVIDIA also pays attention to introduce some mid and high-end notebook to the market. Due to occupy a larger share of NVIDIA notebook GPU market, the impact on NVIDIA seems to be bigger than AMD.

NVIDIA recently released Maxwell architecture GTX 980 and 970 graphics card, priced at $ 549, $ 329, in addition to NVIDIA also reduces the GTX 760 graphics card price. AMD side, R9 390X is possible, but you have to wait until the advent of the first half of next year, but some GPUs from AMD are also selling at low prices.

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