Although AMD and NVIDIA both in this year did not come with a 20mm GPU technology, but still under the 28nm process to determine new products, GM204 core of the second generation NVIDIA Maxwell architecture has been on the road. Before there are numerous rumors that Next Maxwell Card will be released until October-November of this year (2014), but Now news sources indicate that GTX 880 graphics card will come sooner than the rumors and we will be able to see the fastest on August Cologne Game Show. In addition, GTX 880 graphics performance has surfaced, a 3DMark FireStrike score of 6110 points seems worth waiting, if we compare it with current GTX 780Ti, almost 30% increment.

GTX 880 3DMark Score

We can see in the reveled 3Dmark test scores from, a user uploaded a 3DMark FireStrik Extreme Score of GPU and according to different Sources this would be the Maxwell GTX 880, Score 6110 points, including a GPU score of 6578 points, CPU score of 10,511 points. This scene is the most demanding test 3DMark tests, if we talk about previous king Gtx 780Ti the first test score is 4865 points, a GPU score of 5105 points, contrast this GPU graphics performance improved by 28.9%, the total score also improved 25.6%.

GTX 880 3DMark Score

Videocardz website says they think out of the model is the 880 PS (although I looked at them after the amplification is 880 PS going up), so this is probably GM204 graphics core GTX 880 graphics card, but do not know what version it is, mobile version or desktop version.

As Published before the argument point to the Q4 quarter, specifically from October to November, but the August 13-17 as well as Cologne Game Show, NVIDIA determines attend, the British company has uploaded a propaganda FB Picture, also said they would be excited. But the excitement is not known specifically why, the current view is that they will release a GTX 880 on a game show.

Released a flyer showing they are very excited about NVIDIA Britain on FB


Since people can be bitchy, then I should give up, GM204 Published really do not need to wait until October to November so late, but it is not necessarily so early in August, maybe September release with millet millet 4, 4G point in time almost.

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