Nvidia will process 20nm this year, and are likely to launch GM204 a small core based on 28nm processor, it would be a Gtx 880. Nvidia will also launch 20nm process large core Gm210 but in Next year. So we can say “This year 20nm Card will not Entertain the Market”. Well, the latest news shows GM204 will be paired with 8GB Memory.

Recently, Videocards comes with something really interesting a latest flowchart, that GM204-A01 chips are now in testing phase, and will equip with 8Gb memory. The memory is currently higher than Gtx 780/Gtx 780Ti. If the 8Gb memory rumor is true, then the Gtx880 has 256 or 512bit memory interface, but this is still we can say a barrier because due to the current ram technology Higher is not possible.

Now comes to the that sheet part, the Spec sheet of import/export is from Zauba, we can see that GM204 with 8gb memory is present here. The other very interesting thing is “GM water Cooled plunger” which is listed on the Spec Sheet, So are the new Graphic card from Nvidia are based on Factory Based Water Cooling??

GTX 880 8GB
GTX 880 8GB

If this all true, then the 8Gb memory is indeed really attractive for Ultra-Gaming at 4k Display.

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