In upcoming Assembly GTC 2014 (a few dozen hours to go), we will usher in a series of heavy messages that include GPU-based architecture show high Maxwell 20nm process, the new version of N card yesterday exposure “chicken Blood “drive, DX12 and OpenGL version and so on. As previously rumored new dual-core NVIDIA GTX790 card will not necessarily appear in the GTC 2014 meeting (but still possible).

Maxwell architecture GeForce GTX 750 Ti / GTX 750 small test chopper, although they are still 28nm process, although the core of a small scale, but still amazing impressive energy efficiency.

By then, the yellow is always the first official gesture, introduces us to the new 20nm process using high-end Maxwell architecture, codenamed GM10x (specific unknown), product model named GeForce 800 series, will first spend a unified virtual memory.

GTC2014: Nvidia will reveal the 20nm high-End Maxwell architecture

During which we will see a new architecture based on real-time graphical presentation. This will become the next generation NVIDIA big kill, In addition, Huang also introduces DirectX 12, OpenGL some of the latest technology and its benefits can bring respect and show upcoming CPU optimized graphics driver, said yesterday that is able to exterminate AMD Mantle.

It is said that there is some exciting announcement, but no clue what specific, can only wait. Dual-core flagship GeForce GTX 790 is coming?

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