Grand Theft Auto fans have decided to create an action-centered GTA V virtual reality movie set in future, featuring Steven Ogg, who played the role of Trevor Phillips in the original game.

GTA V Fan Film Starring Trevor Phillips Play Himself

Though we have seen some real life GTA videos, but the YouTube’s Corridor Digital decided to go a whole new level with its idea of making GTA VR. The video showcases a story of a young boy who is about to get his hands on and try out the VR headset and discovers himself in the streets of GTA V Los Santos, hanging out with the most insane video game character in recent years, the Trevor as his guide.

The real life Trevor shows that he is capable of bringing out the game character in real life with his brilliant performance, doing something more than with his voice. Have a look in to the GTA V short fan film below;

From stealing the cars, cops running behind and then placing the explosives to outrun from the cops, the appearance of the Iron Man, we can say that everything was done very well. For those who really wanna hang out with the Trevor must see this short film and realize that going out with the pure psychopath can be one hell of a job!

Grand Theft Auto V is the most recent release of the famous franchise, currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Stay tuned for more updates!

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