It’s been somewhat more than three days since GTA V launched on the Master Race PC platform and as of now the long awaited title has broken some records. As we have previously mentioned in a post at the very beginning the game sold more than one million digital copies on Steam, results have been published via Steam Spy. Furthermore, honestly, this isn’t an altogether astounding figure. After all, the game was expected to offer more than a million before even release on the PC platform.

This amazing achievement can be credited to a few aspects, fun gameplay, shifted substance, charming story and delightful visuals filled with good quality lightning. In this specific piece we’re somewhat more keen on GTA V’s graphics. All the more definitely, what it takes to play GTA V.

GTA V At 1080P 60FPS Only Requires a $200 GPU

At 4k, 11GB of VRAM utilization

At the very first moment driver upgrades for the game have been dispatched by both NVIDIA and AMD. Although in implementations NVIDIA role was huge, but Rockstar puts it on a balance node and in the Game you will find Special Shadow AMD CHS for AMD players. In case you’re thinking about how excellent GTA V could be when you compare it with the PS4? You can figure out right here.

One of the biggest problem is the amount of VRAM game utilized, when you tweak settings to Very High at 4K resolution the game is utilizing about 11Gb of Video Memory. Now this amount of VRAM is too much and in the market, there are only few Graphics cards offering this amount of Video memory. However, in the event that the game’s own textures and models aren’t of a high enough quality to leverage the higher resolution.

The folks at performed an awesome visual examination between the different graphics settings relating to surface detail in GTA V. What’s more, the distinction is really enormous.






Now come to the core part of this article that what does it take in order to run GTA V at 4k resolution with 60FPS and Very High settings? Since the game has been out for several days and we, among other equipment analysts, have had the opportunity to at least get eventually with the game, the consistent conclusion so far is that separated from a 60Hz 4K screen, you will require a $500-$660 dual-GPU graphics solution for a smooth average of 60 frames per second at 4K. For $660 that is two R9 290X cards, an R9 295X2 or two GTX 970 cards.

At 1080, VRAM utilization hovers around 3.8GB and can even surpass 4GB with anti aliasing enabled. Which is the reason the GTX 970 with its two portion memory structural architecture (3.5GB + slower 0.5GB) can battle with visual stuttering as that last 0.5GB section is gotten to even with MSAA disabled.

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