Today Rockstar presents the official trailer for the next big free update for GTA Online entitled “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” which will be released for the PC and consoles on Tuesday, June 7.

GTA Online – New Expansion ‘Further Adventures in Finance and Felony’ will arrive on June 7; Trailer

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“Since I got off that plane in Los Santos, you have not stopped climbing the ladder of crime, amass a fortune on your account Maze Bank, forjarte a reputation and not let anyone touch” moral “.

And now you can make your goal to become the greatest genius of crime in Los Santos and Blaine County reality.

Build an empire as head, illegal traffics and contraband goods, short supply chains rivals, opens new and prestigious offices, hire a personal assistant, farda with new molones and take on the city vehicles. “

In this new expansion to GTA Online, players will have to continue their fight while choosing the career path in order to become the “ultimate criminal kingpin,”.

As the player strives to become CEO of their own Criminal Enterprise, they will acquire warehouses in which to buy and sell contraband across the city and recover Special Cargo to be stored in these areas.

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