The Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently suffering a lot of the rumors since its official announcement. Rumors of different kind related to gameplay, storyline, game location, protagonist and game release date, etc. We have been informing you with the latest update and the different kind gossips related to the game.

Earlier, there was rumor that the game might release in 2018, then other reports were published which stated that the game will be released in 2020. Now that makes a lot of time from now. But regardless of the release, there were also reports that the Rockstar is planning the whole U.S. as a map in the GTA 6. Then rumors also started building up regarding the main character, mentioning that the famous Hollywood Actor, Ryan Gosling may appear as a protagonist in the upcoming GTA 6.

Just now, a new report hints that the “GTA 6” will have an option of choosing between a Cop character instead of a criminal, totally opposite to the previous editions of the GTA series. In all the previous editions in the GTA series, the players were performing all illegal actions, breaking laws etc.

That seems a little bit strange because the GTA is the most famous series in the gaming history and is known for its type of playing a role of bad characters. From that, we conclude that in the new GTA, players will actually play the role of good characters and may chase the criminals.

This change could be due to a reason that most of the people think that this famous series encourages and promotes violence among gamers. One shop in Australia reportedly banned the sales of GTA 5 due to the petitions of socio-civic activists as they think that the game promotes ‘violence’.

Also, the report stated that the GTA 6 will have six stars wanted level, which were seen in recent additions in the GTA series except for the previous GTA 5, which had only 5 stars wanted level.

Note: This report is based on rumors and awaits official confirmation of Rockstar Games.

Via: Ecumenical News