One of the most recent news that surprised most of us was the announcement of Rockstar that LA Noire would finally arrive for the gaming platform of the Japanese company ‘Nintendo Switch‘. Something unthinkable by many because of the criticized graphics power of the device. After that surprising announcement, now latest rumor began to indicate that GTA 5 would also arrive to Nintendo Switch.


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In recent months GTA 5 has already become the best selling game in history, so the news may not go completely misguided. The rumors about GTA 5 launch is coming from the same source (NeoGAF user Vern) that previously leaked the launch of LA Noire on Nintendo Switch. In a post on NeoGAF thread about LA Noire, Vern appeared to tease a possible GTA 5 release on the Switch.

Although it is true that GTA 5 is a very complex and demanding game as far as power is concerned, but it is also true that the same title came to the previous generation of consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3), so adaptation for latest Nintendo handheld console is very likely possible.

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