The most anticipated games for PC players GTA 5 has recently released, just in first day GTA 5 Sells One Million Copies just on steam according to Steam Spy, but despite the fact that numerous issues have tormented its release, the final build in the GTA series stays by a wide margin a vastly improved release than the past cycles. Countless are reporting few issues, from collides with troubles in installing the game. Rockstar have discharged a workaround to the issue that can help sometimes until a fitting patch is made available.

Artifacts on Botton

Artifacts @bottom

There is a special Shadow option “AMD CHS” for AMD players so we can say that Rockstar stay at the balance node and add flavor of both NVIDIA and AMD, but NVIDIA role was huge in the implementation of technologies like TXAA. Now one really serious issue has been reported with AMD graphics cards, when you enable MSAA, even at 2x, it will lead to the artifact on the bottom right part of the screen. You can only get rid of this situation when you turned off the anti-aliasing. On the other side of note AMD has released Beta Driver, but a patch for GTA 5 will do the better job. I hope they will release it soon.

Despite these issues be that as it may, which will ideally be altered, GTA 5 on PC is completely beautiful with countless over the current-Gen support variants, and a gigantic mixture of settings to oblige a wide range of setups.

GTA 5 PC looks incredibly well at 4K and runs incredible, in spite of the fact that quite a powerful setup would be needed to manage a consistent 60FPS.

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Source: Wccftech

  • Brian Blair

    AMD Users trust me! Use Driver version 14.4 and you will not get artifacts! Yes I know AMD’s drivers suck! And they should have fired the driver coders years ago! But the older 14.4 driver will run the game just fine! I am getting great frame rates on a little R9 270 2GB. Your game will be better optimized on driver 14.4 than the stupid omega or any of the betas! Trust me I benched it myself! Driver updates are bogus BS anyway! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! And since AMD sucks so bad with drivers! They should follow if it ain’t broke don’t fix more than anyone! (But then Nvidia is not falling far behind with their stupid hardware screw ups!)