Modders are trying to push GTA 5 into another level with the help of different mods. There is no wrong in saying that the GTA 5 for PC became victim by the modders since its launch back in April, 2015.

We have seen different modes made for the Grand Theft Auto 5 till now but this new mode allows players to experience GTA V as an RPG, which we haven’t even thought about. Modder LogicSpawn is working for a mod named as “GTA: RPG” which includes leveling up, loot, dialogue choices, and much more.

GTA 5 turns into an RPG after new mod

Players will have to activate the mode and after that, they will go through the selection table in order to select the kind of character they want to play. Players will also experience this mod during the storyline. The trailer for this mode can be watched below:


Players will be able to switch between different characters and they can start with tutorial missions, which will direct them with a contract and accepting quests. There will be a menu which will indicate the progress level during and after missions. After progress, they can upgrade talent through the Skill Tree.


Source: Gamespot