[RUMOR] GTA 5 is more anticipated game for the PC. Therefore, lots of players are worried, that their current hardware configurations are good enough to run GTA V on decent/highest settings or not?

Rumor: GTA 5 may need more than the NVIDIA GTX 770 for Highest Settings

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The manufacturer recently announced that GTA 5 will appear on the PC according to plan, but there are still lots of concerns related to the release date of the game. The problem is that the from a very long time still we don’t know the official system requirements. Although the majority of players is waiting, then there is no shortage of those who have the opportunity to play any longer in the latest work of Rockstar Games. One such person has been reported on forum  NfoHump (although it should be noted that this information is unofficial). So what we have learned about the system requirements? It seems that you need quite strong candies.

At high settings (without MSAA)  NVIDIA graphics card GTX 770 Lighting Edition, Intel Core i5 3570K and 8GB does not close Highest settings, the player is running the game at High settlings with no MSAA/tessellation to achieve 60 frames per second.


We are waiting for official information for the Rockstar Games.

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Source: dsogaming

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