Focus Home Interactive published a new video of GreedFall, the next RPG of the Spiders studio, which details the main features of gameplay.

Creating your character and choosing the initial skills, attributes and talents is only the beginning when you begin your journey in the world of Teer Fradee, either by specializing in a specific skill branch or being an all-terrain character. You can customize your character through the equipment customization system or through the item creation system, which will allow you to modify the attributes and appearance to suit your playing style.

When it’s time for combat, you can approach enemies in different ways. You can choose to subdue them with heavy weapons, use your foil to block and counterattack in style, or dominate the battlefield using traps and magic. In addition, you can access the optional tactical menu that will allow you to choose your next moves strategically.

The members of your group will follow you in battle, but keep in mind that they are people with great aspirations, goals and hope. If you say or do something wrong, your loyalty will start to falter, and you could even lose yourself completely. Your decisions will shape the future of the new and the old world. 

Put on the armor of an enemy faction to impersonate one of them or use your diplomatic talents to influence the powerful elite. These are some of the opportunities that will be given to you.

GreedFall will launch on September 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.