Some time ago it came as a rumored that Grand Theft Auto V will support AMD MANTLE api, but surprisingly, NVIDIA has listed the Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TXAAreferring to the tab for Grand Theft Auto V. So now NVIDIA users can also enjoy support for DSR. Although the game will support 4K, but DSR is the something more cool and less expensive. If we see the previous experience (Buggy Creed) and a few other titles when even game is optimized for NVIDIA Tech Optimizations AMD players faced lots of problems. I hope we will not see previous cases with the most anticipated titles.

Grand Theft Auto V will support NVIDIA TXAA


It is not yet known whether NVIDIA and Rockstar implement other NVIDIA graphics options Gameworks or Pshyx, but that the support for TXAA is not a good omen for the red team.

What is TXAA?

Temporal AA or TXAA is again, the NVIDIA proprietary tech. It uses lesser blur filters which make the image slightly blur, but the performance is amazing with loosing just few fps. 2 x TXAA impacts lower on performance of games and work much better than 2x Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA). Interesting chunk is that TXAA was first used by AMD in very old Gen. Cards then abandoned it for poor performance, afterwards NVIDIA improved it and made it exclusive. In many NVIDIA partnered games uses TXAA exclusively for NVIDIA GPUs to lose lesser performance and gain higher AA image quality.

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